It’s always unwise to imagine that facts and reason will have any purchase among the general population. Most people are too ignorant of even the most basic scientific principles to be competent to assess information, and the human brain always yearns for simple stories. So conspiracy theories are always preferred to complex reality, and once people fall victim to nonsense they become entirely immune to any real-world facts that would disturb their beliefs. Add to this the inevitable desire to “blame someone” for misfortune, and it becomes evident that a great many less intellectually capable citizens will continue to blame China for the current pandemic. What’s ironic, of course, is that the USA is likely to have among the highest fatality rates because 86% of US citizens are fat, and being fat depresses one’s immune system. Add to that the totally dysfunctional US approach to provision of health care services and it’s obvious that the US was always doomed to suffer from whatever contagious disease would happen to come along. Blaming some foreign country is presumably a pleasant distraction from confronting the fact that to all intents and purposes the USA is a failed state that can’t even provide the basics of civilized life.

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