It's amusing to note that we now live in a world of such prudishness that Victorians would laugh at us for our extreme over-sensitivity. Our modern cancel-culture is merely fascism dressed in lefty-trendy garb, a means of absolute censorship that Goebbels would have adored and Stalin would have approved. It's a curious thing that people seek power over others by playing hyper-sensitive victim to every perceived infraction of some entirely arbitrary and rather spurious code of Political Correctness that is perpetually becoming more and more restrictive while simultaneously reaching further and further back into the past. I expect we'll be told we can't read the works of Homer because they contravene some transiently fashionable PC notions, and that we can't study history for the same reason. While it's useful to debate the nature of prejudice in an attempt to reduce its prevalence, it's a terrible irony that lefty-trendy PC activists are prejudiced against absolutely everything that doesn't fit into their astonishingly narrow conception of what should be deemed acceptable. No doubt we'll have to suffer this nonsense for 30 more years, until the precious little darlings have all retired from their various (no doubt tenured) positions.

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