It's been totally clear for several years now that Republicans have no interest in any of the values they claim to cherish. What they really cherish, and intend to continue accumulating by any means available, is power. That's it. Today's Republican politician is focused on the single goal of grabbing and holding tightly onto as much power as possible, and then some more on the side just to be sure. In this endeavor they are supported by 43 million dull-eyed fools who are utterly unable to grasp any aspect of reality, preferring instead to retreat into the simple-minded fairytales they're fed by ultra-right organizations such as Fox News, Breibart, et al. And the poor dullard Democrats, even after all this time, still haven't woken up to the fact that policy and politics are now utterly irrelevant. This is how the USA becomes a tyranny, but don't worry: just as with the Roman Empire, we'll keep the superficial trappings of democracy to keep the ignorant masses happy.

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