It's difficult for me to understand how one can compare in any way at all a plague that killed 50% of the population with a minor viral pandemic that even in the worst-hit nations kills fewer than 0.3% of the population. It's like comparing WWII with two children squabbling on a playground. So if the comparison is risible, the conclusions from the comparison are equally impossible to take seriously. What is clear is how astonishingly spoiled and ignorant we've become, so that we react to minor threats as though they were existential, merely because the mass media sensationalizes the most trivial issues and we're unable to distinguish between media noise and real life. Nearly ten times as many people die every year from lifestyle related diseases as from SARS-COV2, yet we literally don't notice a thing. Why not? Because the media can't sensationalize lifestyle diseases. We bring them on ourselves, and no editor can jeopardize ad revenues by alienating the audience. But covid-19 is ideal because we can claim it's no one's fault if they die from it. And so, as is frequently the case, our notion of risk is totally distorted and we're too intellectually indolent to make the tiny effort necessary to look at the data and understand what it is really telling us. And what the data is telling us is simple: SARS-COV2 is an inconvenience but by no means a major threat. Only our folly has turned it into a global catastrophe that's thrown 1.5 billion people into financial distress and created untold psychological harm, but that was us doing it, not the virus.

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