It's difficult to argue that religions aren't regressive. Here's the problem: all religions have their foundation myths and rules. Deviation from these rules is seen as wrong, while blind adherence to the rules is seen as morally correct. The real world, however, is too complex for simplistic black-white rules, and the real world keeps changing. Thus religionists are perpetually in conflict with reality, seeking to turn it back to something that can conform to the simplicity of their mythical structure. Hence religion is always, of necessity, regressive.

Next, I can't imagine what bourgeois atheism is supposed to mean. The bourgeois are typically conformist and hence almost always religious; it's only educated intelligent people who become the vanguard of rational thought.

Lastly, the article fails to note the irony that communist regimes always end up blending their own myth (Marxist-Leninism) with the previous myths dominant in whatever culture they find themselves in. Hence Stalin became St Paul to Lenin's Jesus, Heroes of the Soviet Union replaced the old saints, etc. In China Mao basically turned himself into Confucius and replaced the Analects with his Little Red Book.

As the French observed, "plus ca change..."

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