It's easy to imagine that Trump is the problem. In reality, he's merely a symptom of an already-broken nation. Why can Trump commit endless criminal acts and suffer no consequences? Because the Republican Party stands solidly behind him. Why does the GoP stand solidly behind him? Because 43 million US voters stand behind him. Why do they do that? Because that's what low-IQ ignorant people do: they give themselves to bogus "strongmen" when they are confused and afraid. The fact is, the USA has been over for some time now; Trump is merely the first tiny wave lapping over the bow of the Titanic. Big ships take a long time to sink, and there will be far worse than Trump in the near future. But don't worry: with a far-right Supreme Court, a Republican Senate, paramilitary thugs eager to take to the streets in the name of "law and order" and 43 million brain-dead voters, it won't be long now before the first of the big waves begins to sweep the deck-chairs away and flood the middle decks.

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