It's somewhat ironic that in an article about empirical facts, the closing item is about SARS-COV2 which in the USA is primarily a political, rather than an epidemiological phenomenon. While it's obvious that covid-19 has a somewhat higher per-case fatality than flu it's also clear that the data shows SARS-COV2 is much harder to contract than flu (WHO data). Furthermore, even the worst-hit nations are showing per capital mortality rates of under 0.2% of the population. Given the fact we blithely accept per capita mortality rates far higher than this for obesity -related deaths, it seems odd to become hysterical, cripple our economies, and throw millions into penury by panicking over a virus but ignoring problems that have far greater negative impacts. If we want people to be scientifically-oriented, we shouldn't drag our politically-oriented beliefs into the discussion.

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