It’s sort of adorable how easily we humans are fooled by the most abject nonsense. Whether it’s zodiac signs or Meyers-Briggs, blood types (Japan) or handwriting (France), or any one of the hundreds of myths we’ve dreamed up about gods, goblins & ghouls, people reliably fall for simple-minded ideas precisely because they are simple. Our tiny ape-brains are hardwired to take the easiest possible path from A to B, in order to preserve what used to be scarce and precious calories. Back on the African savannah and the primordial forests of Eurasia it didn’t matter much what we believed; today the situation is rather more dire, but sadly our brains still work in the same way they did 30,000 years ago.

At least the Swedes weren’t gulled into voting for Swexit, or persuaded to elect an orange infantile moron.

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