It's unfortunately very easy to argue that Trump supporters are archetypically American (if by which you actually mean citizens of the USA). First of all, they ignore everything that doesn't fit their narrative, just like all good US citizens are taught to do in school. Secondly, they have a totally delusional idea of the role of the USA, just like all good US citizens are taught from school onward. Thirdly, they're ready to resort to violence in order to get their way, just like every US administration since the formation of the nation. Given that the USA was built on a toxic mix of religious bigotry and slavery and rapidly became one of the most corrupt nations in the world (remember Mark Twain's comment "America has the best government money can buy") as well as reliably imposing great harms on others (read Legacy Of Ashes, for example) and it's impossible to pretend that Trumpists are doing anything other than following a long and dishonorable tradition. Only the naive and ill-informed could believe otherwise.

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