I’ve always been curious about the psychological aspects of human sexuality (which, in my opinion, are far more interesting than the physiological aspects). One thing I’ve learned is that particularly in the USA there is, as you say, a lot of penis size anxiety. But this isn’t just limited to men of smaller or average size genitals. Many years ago I used to work out at lunchtime at a nearby semi-pro gym. The equipment was first-rate and there was a hot tub for wonderful post-workout relaxation. One afternoon I was walking from the hot tub to the changing room to re-don my business attire when I saw a very tall and muscular African-American man standing in front of a full-length mirror. He was tugging anxiously on his penis, muttering about it being “too f*cking small, f*cking little dick.”

The thing was, this was easily the largest penis I’d ever seen in my life. It was far larger than anything on any porn video and larger than anything I’d ever seen in any swinger/lifestyle club. It was impossibly big.

But not, apparently, big enough…

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