I've always been curious about what makes someone a groupie, willing to accept whatever they're fed by their Human God. Trumpies clearly suffer from the phenomenon, as do Muskers. Both groups live in a funhouse mirror world in which reality is bent almost beyond recognition. The idea that Musk "has humanity's interests at heart" is as hilarious as imagining Trump to be a philanthropist. There's something charmingly naive about the idea that going to Mars (a totally inhospitable planet upon which people will suffer terribly if left for even modest periods of time) will "be the salvation of humanity." Clearly a few too many sci-fi B movies have been consumed here. As for Tesla, oh dear: when we look at the total lifecycle costs of Elon's much-hyped vehicles what do we find? Unless they are powered 100% by electricity from renewables their total impact is actually slightly greater than that of a conventional automobile. As for Starlink, perhaps the author hasn't noticed that Elon's desire to have people look at cute cat videos on Youtube and post pics of their meals on InstaSnap is seriously harming terrestrial astronomy even before most of his little Starlink satellites have been launched. All in all, Musk is clearly a wonderfully skilled self-aggrandizer whose ability to raise billions from impressionable VCs is impressive. As a visionary, however, he's hilariously off-target. And so his groupies need to live in their distorted reality world lest one day they wake up and discover the awful truth:Musk and Trump have far more in common than Muskies realize.

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