I’ve had a lot of relationships in my time, and while most of us would love to find someone we can (dis)gracefully grow old with, the fact is that there are no guarantees in life. All my relationships, in one way or another, have helped me grow as a person and have contributed moments of joy to my life.

I’ve met a lot of men and women who remain single because they can’t distinguish between something that is mutually satisfying and rewarding but may only last a few weeks or months or years versus the “I must have it all forever or I don’t want it!” syndrome.

As none of us can predict the future nor live forever, it is perhaps more wise to accept the opportunities life presents to us than pass them over because they aren’t precisely and exactly guaranteed to be what we think we are looking for.

As for anything else such as age, frankly, who cares a damn what other people think?

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