I’ve talked with a lot of Brexit supporters over the last 3 years and not a single one has had any clue whatsoever about the obvious consequences of Brexit. They all seem to believe that despite every single Brexit campaign promise being revealed as a total lie, 350 million UK Pounds will still magically flow into the NHS every week and trade deals (“brilliant trade deals”) will magically fall into the UK’s lap. Most seem to think Brexit means India will beg to be allowed back into the Empire and Spitfires will fly over the White Cliffs of Dover. The ignorance and simple-mindedness of every single Brexiteer I’ve interacted with over the last 36 months is stunning and deeply depressing. As per the IPSOS/MORI poll of >30,000 Brexit supporters, these people are exactly the same type as those who cheer for Trump on the other side of the Atlantic: ignorant, low IQ, overweight, under-achieving, racist.

It’s also clear that the consequences of this monumental act of self-harm will be blamed (of course) on the EU. Let’s hope Scotland does break away, because the Scots don’t deserve to be dragged down into chaos and economic ruin by English stupidity.


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