Jeffrey, I appreciate your thoughtful article but I have to say that I, and doubtless many like me, are very happy indeed to be able to consume content without having to sit in an auditorium reeking of popcorn, trying to listen to dialog nearly drowned out by the sounds of people eating, slurping, laughing inanely at the wrong moments, receiving texts on their phones (no, nobody turns their phones off or puts them in silent mode), shuffling out in the middle of the most important scene, having bouffant hair that obscures one’s own view of the screen, and so forth. Furthermore I don’t have to waste an hour of my life being shown trailers for movies I will never see and ads for products I will never consume. The movie theater experience is loathsome, which is one major reason why at-home viewing was already booming back in the days of VCR and then DVD rental. And I’m far more likely to be able to savor the nuances of the movie sans distractions than at even the most adequate theater.

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