Just because the FBI has been pointing out for the last 2 years that most police forces across the USA have been infiltrated by far-right extremists (and many more regular officers are highly sympathetic) doesn't in any way mean that the courageous actions of our brave first responders were in any way misguided or even astonishingly stupid. No sir. We thank them for their service. Also, as we're on the topic of The Purge, I want to suggest we thank our brave police officers and our brave Republican politicians and everyone associated with the far-sighted and very brave reporting being done by Breibart, Fox and QAnon, and helpfully repeated over Twitter, Facebook, and other marvelous social media platforms by providing them with personal Purge Kits, aka a 2-pound container of delicious chocolate-fudge ice-cream. Made from real fake petrochem cream, real fake chocolate flavorings, and real real extra-strong laxative. That's the purge the USA really needs and will definitely enable us to get to the bottom of things. Fast.

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