Keren, given the degree of mass hysteria resulting from context-free sensationalism it is very important to avoid misleading headlines and misleading articles. Here are the facts, as opposed to hype: Sweden has experienced, with zero lockdown, a mortality rate of 0.045% of its population. Meanwhile, with full lockdown, here are the rates for other nations: Belgium 0.083%, UK 0.059%, France 0.045%, Italy 0.056%. There are two obvious things to note. The first is that in fact hardly anyone at all has died from covid-19 as a percentage of population. Remember, a bad flu season will kill around 0.1% of the population so the covid death rate is presently still less than the death rate from regular flu. Secondly, the real numbers (as opposed to unsupported assertions) show that lockdown-free Sweden is actually experiencing a slightly lower death rate than many countries that implemented a full lockdown. This entirely discredits the impression you attempt to give in your article. Meanwhile, Sweden has not seen the dramatic rise in suicides and domestic violence incidents seen across countries that implemented lockdowns; nor has Sweden stopped essential vaccination programs. So Swedish children, unlike those in countries that went for lockdown, are not at risk of death from diseases like measles. All in all, when we look at the real data instead of making empty assertions, it’s clear that the Swedish model is in many ways superior to the panic-induced reactions of governments elsewhere around the world. It is most certainly not, in any way at all, worse.

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