Laws invariably favor the powerful and discriminate against the powerless, sometimes more overtly than at other times. The Supreme Court found it perfectly acceptable to endorse slavery and thereafter racially-based discrimination, for example. The Republican Party is very clear-sighted in its pursuit of power for its own sake and by every means available; it is consequently unsurprising that once Republicans gained control of the Supreme Court by means of illegally refusing to consider Obama’s appointee they would exploit their advantage to the fullest possible extent.

Only the very naive could possibly believe that the USA is anything more than an oligarchy, controlled by and run primarily for the benefit of, the ultra-rich and large corporations. Expecting anything other than the purest partisanship from Republican-appointed place-servers in the judicial system is akin to expecting Disney cartoons to be an accurate reflection of real life.

The fact that most US citizens are incapable of understanding the true nature of the country they live in is lamentable but, given the state of the US education system and its “news” programs, quite understandable.

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