Long before Hitler rose to power in Germany (he used the democratic system to get elected, in case anyone's forgotten) many right-wing politicians were legitimizing all the hatred and lies Hitler and those like him pumped out, because they thought they could ride the wave to their own personal benefit. For a while, it worked. But in the end most of those "clever" German right-wing politicians were consumed by Hitler, just as Mike Pence suddenly discovered he was on the wrong side of Trump's fascist mob. Now that far-right extremists have infiltrated so many US police forces and other frontline organizations, and continue to be enabled by flabby politicians seeking temporary personal advantage, it will require a great deal of sustained effort to stop the USA becoming a far-right tyranny. And frankly I very much doubt the USA is even remotely capable of the sustained effort required. The 47th President will very likely be the last elected Leader, because he'll morph into the first American Emperor. And it won't even require much effort.

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