Nikhil, your article makes a de facto assumption: that the problem is inefficiency and waste. In reality the problem is that we don't have a health care system. What we actually have is a sickness treatment system. As more than half of all demand is now caused by obesity and indolence coupled with other poor-quality lifestyle choices (e.g. consumption of endless McSlop) the idea that we can continue with a sickness-oriented approach is absurd. Unfortunately, trying to create solutions that people will actually embrace is impossible without massive government intervention, which is never going to happen in a for-profit system where the intermediaries simply keep paying politicians to block any meaningful reform. Real change may be possible (eventually) in Europe but the USA is doomed to be forever totally dysfunctional. There are many instances of gross market failure that are impossible for entrepreneurs to tackle. US health care is an example of this category of problem.

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