Nothing Trump does will ever hurt him. This is for the simple reason, apparently obscure to journalists, that Trump supporters live in an alternative universe and don't intersect with reality in any meaningful way. The Economist of 11th Sept 2020 carries an interview with various Trump supporters in which statements such as "he got healthcare done, the Democrats couldn't do that, he fixed the economy, he built the wall" are commonplace. The fact none of these statements are remotely accurate is not evident to Trump supporters because they consume a constant diet of lies and infantile propaganda pumped out by Trump's White House, Trump, Fox News, and other sources of make-believe. As Trump supporters are both low-IQ and totally ignorant, it's easy for them to think the lies they are told are true. Hence, truth is inaccessible to them. Hence, nothing Trump ever does in the real world matters because his supporters don't exist in the real world - they exist entirely in a world of fantasy in which Trump is the perpetual hero who can do no wrong. Reality, for Trump supporters, is always "fake news."

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