Now I’m out of the USA and back in Europe I’m even more certain than I was before that the US attitude towards sexuality is so twisted, stunted, and neurotic that the entire nation needs a sexual make-over. In contrast to the US Victorian attitudes towards sex, Europe still seems mostly immune to the poison of Hollywood and the negative attitudes embedded in practically everything the US entertainment industry churns out.

To give just one small example: a friend of mine in France recently came out of a 4-year relationship in which sex was almost entirely absent. For the following 6 months she had as much sex with as many people as she could (not difficult, as she’s very attractive). Midway through this much-needed stint she met a lovely man who, upon understanding her situation, told her to keep on doing what she was doing; he’d wait until she was ready before asking her to settle into a semi-monogamous relationship. Three months later they got together and have been happy ever since.

Sex is natural and it’s the most fun two adults can have (because you can bring all the other fun stuff into it too) so it does seem rather sad that so many people in the USA are so self-limiting; even worse that they seek to limit others too.

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