Oh dear. First of all, reviewing existing literature (basically studies which in many cases are deeply flawed) is not "new research." Secondly, if the claim is that resistance may be short-lived, why is everyone eagerly looking forward to a vaccine? We need to move away from glib superficial puff pieces and think carefully about the hopelessly confused messages people are being asked to believe. The "science" behind masks is nowhere near as conclusive as people claim (just read the actual studies - most are laughable) and the inherent contradictions in the masks/vaccines narrative are unhelpful, to say the least. We ought to be doing much more analysis of primary data and less blindly accepting simplistic (and usually very misleading) tales. As there is now considerable reliable data regarding the deaths per 1,000 infections, we can see that SARS-COV-2 is not at all the life-ending existential crisis the media has caused us to believe. Nor does "science" directed primarily at gaining funding & publicity count for much when it purposefully or otherwise ignores primary data.

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