Oh dear. It's embarrassing when people publicize their lack of basic intellect, and most especially embarrassing when that publicity is mere repetition of infantile nonsense that someone else has written. Aside from all the obvious rebuttals lies one overwhelming problem with the "fake moon landing" idiocy. The USSR was monitoring all NASA's telemetry. Who's stupid enough to think that the USSR would conspire with the USA to make the USSR look weak? If the Soviet telemetry intercepts had not confirmed the NASA imagery the USSR would gleefully have shouted "fake!" and alerted the world. Never in human history has any empire willingly defrauded itself and helped an enemy make it look weak. Even a very small and rather stupid child would work this out; it's truly embarrassing that the legions of brain-dead conspiracy theorists aren't even as bright as a stupid small child. Perhaps next time you should keep your infantile nonsense private so as to avoid revealing to the world your severe cognitive limitations. Or even better: try thinking before repeating other people's mindless babble.

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