One of the reasons that people who do develop symptoms from covid-19 show poor oxygen blood saturation levels is because obese people tend to have depressed immune systems. And obese people have elevated rates of HA1C (hemoglobin A1C), which is the percentage of red blood cells that can no longer function as a result of glucose binding to them. A good HA1C reading is under 5% but an astonishing number of US citizens typically show readings in the 9% — 15% range due to a combination of obesity and low VO2 max resulting from the near-total avoidance of meaningful exercise.

Not surprisingly these people are at risk from covid-19 even though, sadly, in our modern world we now take obesity so much for granted that it’s not considered an official risk factor.

In short, obese people with high HA1C levels will resemble apoxia victims not because the virus is doing something unique but because they are at high risk of any disease that impacts respiration. It’s one of the reasons why obese people often suffer from emphysema, for example.

If we abuse our bodies constantly through making very poor lifestyle choices, we shouldn’t be surprised when we find ourselves falling ill. It’s no good blaming a passing virus for the consequences of a lifetime of bad decisions.

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