One thing we can be sure of: Bramble and his kind have a never-ending task ahead of them. It's easy to fixate on large animals like wolves and predatory cats, but they are nothing compared to the vast bulk of nature's predators. Whales must be exterminated, of course, along with sharks, barracuda, cod, salmon, and...well, every form of marine life except plankton. Likewise on the surface of our planet we must exterminate wasps, dragonflies, and in fact most insects along with all arachnids. Then comes the war against fungus, because a great many species are parasitic on insects. But if we've eliminated insects then perhaps that problem goes away too in a flash of serendipity. The only problem seems to be that we've now eliminated nearly all life on Earth, which seems a strange sort of ambition for people who think they are driven by "moral values."

Perhaps the poor dears need to sit down with a restorative cup of tea and remain seated until they become rather less confused, or die; whichever comes first.

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