Ordinary people basically believe whatever they're told, because that's the easiest thing for them to do. In the USA today ordinary people vote Republican for the same reasons Germans voted for Hitler. In the UK ordinary people voted for Brexit for the same reasons people voted for Hitler. And let's not forget that Hitler was an also-ran compared to the crimes and atrocities committed by Stalin (supported by all the good ordinary people of Russia) and Mao (supported by so many good ordinary Chinese). The fact is, ordinary people always enable horrors because ordinary people know very little and understand far less. They chant the slogans they've been fed, they feel how good it is to be part of a group, and they embrace soundbites because it is so very much easier than attempting to think. Plato pointed out, more than 2,500 years ago, that this basic human truth means tyranny/autocracy is the inevitable end-of-the-road whenever ordinary people are permitted to have any influence on public affairs. History shows Plato was correct. We learned nothing from the 20th century, so the 21st century will mark the end of Western civilization and the re-emergence globally of tyranny as the default form of governance everywhere. Which won't be difficult as it's already so prevalent, merely dressed up in the threadbare garb of "democracy."

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