Paul, I absolutely adore the naivete with which you present the Allied motivation. It’s charming. One could almost forget the fact that pretty much every war the USA has ever fought anywhere has been to ensure the benefit of US business interests. One could almost forget the CIA’s abysmal record of deposing democratically elected leaders around the world in order to install ultra-right-wing regimes that went on to brutalize and exploit their populations for decades under the guise of “opposing communism.” One could nearly forget that the USSR was color-blind while the USA continued to be a racist segregated society for decades (and arguably still is), so that “freedom” was restricted to those fortunate enough to have been born with pale skins. One could nearly forget the fact the USA is still the only nation on Earth to have used thermonuclear weapons to kill unarmed civilians (largely so the pathetically inadequate Truman could feel slightly less intimidated by Stalin).

In fact, if one entirely ignores facts, your analysis is perfectly cogent.


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