People always want fairytales with an obvious hero and an obvious villain. US education is little more than crude indoctrination, and US citizens usually know nothing about the dark side of US history- the CIA overthrowing democratically elected leaders and installing right-wing thugs, the US military being used to invade countries to the south in order to protect US corporate interests, etc. Even the greatest war crime in history - dropping thermonuclear weapons on unarmed civilians - is dressed up with the pretense that it ended the war with Japan and saved US lives when in reality the documents show (a) the Japanese High Command surrendered because of the Soviet invasion of Manchuria and knew nothing about Hiroshima & Nagasaki until after the decision had been taken to surrender, and (b) the bombs were primarily dropped to see if they worked, and to enable Truman to feel slightly less intimidated by Stalin. As a result, the Soviet Union is painted as the "evil empire" by US historians and the mass media and the USA is all about mom & apple pie. The USSR was a disaster, but it inflicted its horrors primarily on its own people. The USA is also a disaster, but it has inflicted its horrors primarily on the people of other countries, leaving its own citizens fat, ignorant, and complacent.

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