People are people. The notion of supporting some group without hesitation or personal thought for any reason is absurd. Each instance deserves analysis and consideration. For example, in 1934 I happen to be a German citizen. Does that mean I should automatically support the Nazis merely because they are German too? Or I’m a black woman and I see a black man hitting a small child. Should I support the black man merely because our skin color happens to be similar?

The list of examples is endless. Categories don’t deserve unwavering support under any condition whatsoever. It’s incumbent on each and every one of us to use our brains to assess a particular situation and determine the appropriate response, not to act like mindless machines. We know what happens when people behave like mindless automata: people like Trump get elected, death camps get constructed, and stupidity is amplified.

It’s never about gender, color, or any other category. It’s always about the specific thing that’s occurring.

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