Personally, I adore all the hype about EV trucks. It's lovely to see how little market research any of the would-be game changers have done. Here's what a real working truck does: haul heavy loads over rough ground at relatively slow speeds. Yes, an EV truck can just about do this, but the 400-mile range drops to maybe 200, unless it's raining and dark and cold, in which case the wipers and lights and heater pull enough power to drop the range to 100 miles. Let's hope we don't have to detour to pick up any of the crew! And turn off the infotainment, for goodness sake! Now we get to our destination. Where's the power takeoff point? Oops, can't power our tools because there's no power takeoff point, because the battery would be dead in minutes. Where's the winch? Ooops, same thing: do you know how much power even a medium-rated winch draws? OK, well boys, at least we can stand around admiring the truck, even though it's useless, and we can feel real good about our wasted investment. Or, maybe, we'll just stick to F150s and Chevvies and Rams. Because they meet the needs of actual working folk rather than being poseur toys for middle-class white collar dudes commuting up and down the freeway.

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