Personally I think Boris' plan to have the entire school curriculum replaced with endless re-runs of The Battle of Britain is just what this country needs! And let's remember: India and all the other colonies will soon come crawling on bended knee (which is a damnably awkward thing to do, one must admit) begging to be exploited all over again. One must not think about a paltry four million British jobs eliminated; the unemployed will be happy to wave union flags all day and subsist on a diet comprised entirely of turnips. Which coincidentally will also be the new British currency. The joining of Northern Ireland with Eire is to be welcomed, as (ultimately) will be Scotland's independence - despite it being a traitorous sundering of many close trade and cultural bonds and thus the kind of political vandalism no one in their right minds would have voted for.

Thankfully daddy has just invested in Golden Visas for Portugal - we're all going to renovate properties and thereby qualify for citizenship and thus EU membership once more - so I really can't understand all the fuss about Brexit crippling the UK. The Algarve is delightful at any time of year.

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