Please, please make sure you’ve understood the physics before writing articles like this. The math describing Einstein-Rosen bridges (so called wormholes between a pair of entangled back holes) shows clearly that the ER bridge elongates faster than light can propagate across it. E.g. a particle, even moving at C, cannot traverse the bridge. So nothing could ever use an ER bridge to get from Point A to Point B. It would be forever stuck in the middle. Furthermore, because of E=mc2, as an object is accelerated closer and closer to C it effectively gains mass, which means it needs ever-more energy to accelerate ever-less-effectively. It is mathematically impossible for a craft to contain in itself the energy required to overcome the inertia caused by the ever-increasing mass of itself (including, of course, the energy source). And bending spacetime around the craft to become superluminal is at best an amusing fantasy and not presently supported by what is understood by quantum effects in a vacuum (e.g. distorting spacetime in this way would seem to induce profound quantum gravity effects that eliminate the possibility of such a method of travel). It’s nice to conjure up Improbability Drives and Implausibility Drives etc. when penning sci-fi Cowboys-In-Space stories, but if we’re going to discuss real-world possibilities we ought at least to make reference to what is currently understood, rather than simply repeating mistaken beliefs.

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