Madam Zales, Psychic. No Appointment Necessary: I’m Expecting You

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Welcome to my humble parlor. Come in, please take a seat, right there. I’ve been waiting for you.

Take your time, breath deeply, relax. You don’t need to tell me why you’re here. I already know.

I can see from your aura that you are troubled. There are deep purple emanations flowing out, and these signify distress. But at the core of your aura is pink, which means you have the possibility of happiness. I can help you look for it, when you are ready for that journey.

Please, let me read your palm.

Ah, your life-line is strong, but there have been trials in your life that have marked you. Here, for example, I see you have taken on many burdens.

I sense there is someone important to you whose name contains the letter A. Would you like to tell me who that is?

Yes, Eileen. So easy to confuse the sound “ei” and “a.” Sometimes the spirit vibrations become distorted during their journey to our crude material world. I sense your relationship with Eileen is not easy. I sense she does not always appreciate you as much as she should.

Ah, now that is an interesting question! How indeed does a pet goldfish express appreciation? You take on the burden of feeding her, cleaning the aquarium, and making sure the water is suitably aerated and in return she does what? Indeed. Perhaps your auras are incompatible, which is why she refuses to come to the surface to play with you when you return home.

Yes, every living creature has an aura. Even goldfish. If you bring her here, I can read her aura and determine if there is a way to make you both more compatible with each other. In a past life, one of my spirit guides was a shark, so I have insight into the ways of fish.

No, just a small surcharge. A trivial amount, I assure you.

To return to your palm, I detect signs of loss. You have lost someone or something in your life, yes? You can unburden yourself of your pain here. This is a safe space.

I feel your pain. The loss of a helium balloon at the age of six can be a grievous blow to an innocent child. We carry the scars within us all our lives.

There is an area of grey in your aura, perhaps associated with your childhood loss. The grey color tells me you are sometimes lonely. Is this true?

I understand. Sensitive people such as yourself are often misunderstood by those who are not themselves sensitive. It is unfortunately too easy for others, weaker than yourself, to mistake the intention of your helpful advice about how to improve their personal habits. Yes, if your neighbor’s makeup causes her to look like “a cheap whore” then of course it is pure kindness to inform her of the fact, so that she can rectify the situation. I do understand, fully. But for those of more superficial nature, your kindness is almost too much to bear.

And indeed! How can you be expected to help those around you unless you take care to observe them closely through your binoculars? As a loving neighbor, you can do no less.

Let us turn to the Tarot cards, for they never lie.

Let me see…. Justice.

Your kindness has led you to encounter those who, like your neighbors, are too unseeing to comprehend your motivations. The cards tell me this has hurt you deeply, because you are a person of great feelings.

Now we continue.

The Tower and the Star. These indicate that one day, perhaps many years from now, you will be held up as a shining example from on high. Wrongly persecuted today for your many acts of kindness to your neighbors, you will in the distant future be exonerated and praised for your selflessness.

No, the cards do not tell us precisely when. They can only indicate direction. The spirits of divination have no access to Google Calendar.

Now the next card: the Hermit.

This tells me that your trust has been abused at some time in the past. Oh, naturally! Remember, this is a safe space. Everything you say here goes no further than these four walls. Even the spirits who attend all around us are bound to silence.

Ah. The unimaginable trauma of being given the wrong change. Indeed. When we hand over our precious coin to purchase a bag of popcorn to enjoy during our entertainment we do not expect to be cheated out of a whole five cents when we receive our change. Such mental scars can lead to a lifetime of bitterness. But I see from your aura that such a fate did not befall you, thanks to your inner strength and innate optimism.

A good question! Will you ever meet the partner of your dreams? We can turn one last time to the Tarot.

Do you see? The Chariot. Fate is pulling you toward the future. We do not know the contents of the chariot but we see its direction: ever onward. It may well be that you will, one day, meet the one who is destined to remain at your side forever. But a word of caution: destiny is easily manipulated by dark forces that seek to thwart those of open heart and gentle word. There is a chance that your True One may be misled.

How will you know? As always, the spirits are our friends and informants. Should you wish to return here occasionally, perhaps once a week, we can look into your future-line and see what the Chariot imports. If we detect dark forces, we can look for ways to thwart them and return your destiny to its proper course.

Sadly no, I cannot give discounts for bulk purchases. But I can guarantee you the same time each Thursday. I’ve foreseen it, and already blocked out my schedule.

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