Quantum signaling is a complex topic and it seems too many people confuse signaling with “teleportation” (a suitable vague concept and therefore in practice endlessly misleading, which is why math is the language of science rather than mushy multi-meaning words). In reality, as several papers have shown, entanglement doesn’t imply faster-than-light communication. This is because knowledge of the entangled state has to be delivered from one side of the apparatus to the other in order that the receiver is able to “know” the meaning of the measured outcome. This in turn means we’re constrained as always by the speed of light. A rough analogy would be to think of creating a telegraph system and then transmitting a dot or a dash. The receiver sees the dot or the dash but doesn’t know what it means. Only later, when the stagecoach turns up with a letter written to the receiver by the sender in which the meaning of the dot or dash is explained, is the message truly “received” in any meaningful sense. Thus in this crude analogy, information travels not at the speed of the telegraph but at the speed of the stagecoach. the same holds true of any information “teleported” via quantum means.

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