Reason is most often powerless in human affairs, because we’re not evolved to reason. We’re evolved to seek simplistic answers regardless of the complexity of the problem. When you add in a totally dysfunctional set of social moeurs and a totally dysfunctional legislature, you get… the USA. Gun advocates tend to be either utterly oblivious of the reality of other nations’ experiences, or dismissive of them. This is because gun advocates tend to be less intelligent, less informed, and more prone to myth-based thinking than those who recognize that any nation that passively accepts 30,000+ gunshot deaths per year is, by any definition of the word, mad. The sad fact is that partial gun control is utterly meaningless, and proper gun control is a political and social impossibility in the USA. So the slaughter will continue, day in and day out, and will continue to be normalized simply because few in the USA are capable of stepping back and seeing how utterly aberrant and abhorrent the status quo truly is. Meanwhile the rest of the world, as always, looks on in horror and with incredulity that any modern state could be so irredeemably broken.

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