Sadly there are classes of problem for which no immediate solution is possible, and the white terrorism of today is one of them. There are simply too many self-reinforcing factors and too few ameliorating options. That’s why repellent people like Peter Thiel, who actively contribute to the destruction of Western civilization, are generally careful to purchase bolt-holes in stable, sane, and humane countries like New Zealand. While the Thiels of this world are perfectly happy to tear down society, they certainly don’t want to have to live among the consequences. For the rest of us, however, the future looks bleak. But is it really so bleak? Really?

On the bright side, history indicates that eventually these poisonous little ideologies fade away — who remembers the Red Brigade and Baader-Meinhoff now, except as curious footnotes in twentieth-century history? Sadly, history also shows there is never any shortage of inadequate young men desperate to lash out and harm others and never any shortage of pathetic ideologies that give the lives of these misfits “meaning.”

The mass media catches such relatively infrequent and systemically meaningless events and amplifies them, because sensation grabs eyeballs and eyeballs mean boosted ad revenues. But statistically, terrorist events change nothing unless we permit them to terrify us, at which point politicians invariably draft stupid laws — just think of Baby Bush’s legislation after 9/11, which harmed every single person in the USA and a great many abroad.

Perhaps, in the end, the best thing we can actually do is ignore these sad little under-developed boys whose empty lives and fragile personalities mean that occasionally one of them will cause harm to others. Most of these boys remain harmlessly alone in their bedrooms, fantasizing about a world in which they aren’t irrelevant non-entities. We should not over-react by allowing the amplifications of the mass media to persuade us that such atrocities are more common and more likely than they in fact are. If US citizens want to be fearful they should consider all the freeway deaths caused by inept driving, the 30+ gun homicides every single day caused by the world’s most insane gun ownership laws, and the thousands of deaths each day resulting from obesity. Compared to these things, the occasional white supremacist shooting is lost in the noise.

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