Sexuality is perhaps the single greatest lode stone of the human psyche. It’s central to most peoples self-conception. Yet we seem perpetually set on making things as difficult as possible. From the neurotic repressive messages imparted by primitive cult myths to the Politically Correct nostrums today, we’re bombarded by inputs that guarantee awful outcomes. After 45 years of thinking about this problem I still don’t understand why we do this to ourselves. There is a deep fear of sexuality within most people and until we understand where this comes from, each of us will continue to struggle on alone, trying to extricate ourselves from the morass of misinformation and misbegotten ideas in a haphazard manner.

I suspect the phenomenon may have something to do with the evolved requirement for females to be choosy (in order to maximize reproductive potential) coupled to the uniquely human mutation that leads us to spend most of our time in fantasy-land. Somehow these separate phenomenon have merged with disastrous consequences, much in the same way as pattern-recognition hardwiring merged with our intentionality-detecting modules, giving rise to superstitious beliefs and ultimately of course to religions. But this is a mere guess and I’m still trying to work out how it could be empirically refutable.

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