So let me see if I understand the argument: although birth rates are falling globally, and although it will be far, far easier to manage our environmental challenges here on Earth than in the vacuum of infinite space, we ought to lock ourselves into tin cans and then attempt to compensate for the thousands of adverse metabolic and psychological effects rather than simply try to improve the way we live on the one planet for which we're actually adapted? Furthermore, we're going to accept all manner of harmful radiation (because in space there's no nice magnetic field to keep us safe) because, well, no one mentioned this on Star Trek? And we're going to be entirely reliant on highly complex systems that somehow will get repaired tens of millions of kilometers from any source of help, because, well, this is a smart and stable genius idea? Hmmm... I suppose I need to stare at more sci-fi TV series in order to fully comprehend the sublime wisdom of this amusing but lethally flawed notion.

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