Surely the point is that Trump's imbecility is precisely what makes him so attractive to his hard core of 43 million supporters. This is representative democracy at its finest: the ignorant and stupid voting for the incompetent and mendacious. We should thank Trump for making it utterly clear and unambiguous what a total catastrophe representative democracy is (and always has been). Brexit wasn't enough, Modi and Orban and Duterte and Bolsonaro et al apparently aren't enough. If Trump isn't enough to wake us from our misguided attachment to a discredited mode of governance, what on earth will we need to shake us out of our stupor? Trump is merely a symptom; the disease is democracy. And while Trump will eventually die, his 43 million brainless drooling howling supporters aren't going anywhere. So the wonderful power of democracy will enable them to ensure the USA continues to nose-dive into chaos and violence for many decades to come.

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