Thanks Daniel for a cogent and much-needed perspective. Alas, we humans have tiny brains hardwired to reason only from anecdote. The mass media has carried us to the point where we’re incapable of coherent thought, because until just a couple of weeks ago this was the most profitable business model available to them (fear = eyeballs = ad revenues). Once we’ve been worked into a state of mass hysteria, politicians react and thus amplify our hysteria by seeming to confirm “how serious this is!” We’ve zero chance of any coherent and rational approach to the present pandemic in most nations on Earth; therefore we’re stuck with the terrible consequences. Our brains simply never evolved the capabilities necessary to deal with large complex data sets and so we’re doomed always to respond in the wrong ways to threats we’re incapable of understanding — and then imposing our “solutions” on everyone around us, because we’re hardwired to support group norms whatever they may be. We’ll always fall into this trap, again and again and again, which is a sad and sobering thought.

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