Thanks for a well-reasoned article, Rachel. I think many people fail to understand that language is primarily a means of communication and only secondarily a means whereby to signal educational achievement, social status, etc. Today, in our everything-is-a-micro-aggression world of endless complaining and empty virtue-signaling, it’s easy to pretend that speaking and writing adequately is “really” cultural imperialism or whatever.

In a way, however, it may actually be better to leave people alone and let them remain mired in a garbled soup of linguistic errors. It would be a sort of Darwinism in action. All those people who don’t think it’s necessary to care about adequacy can discover how wonderful life is when one cannot make oneself understood. I mean, they would of got a job if theyre writing wasunt two bad, but the job axed for gud writing so they didnt.

Meanwhile, those of us who trouble ourselves to master the basics can at least secure sufficient income to pay for life’s necessities and communicate with our peers in a manner facile to understand.

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