Thanks Kenneth for an interesting perspective. I suppose the logical next question is: why posit any kind of deity or supernatural force whatsoever? It answers no question, solves no logical problem. If we weren’t simple animals that project our internal states onto the outside world, we’d never think of inventing any sort of magical entity because there is no phenomenon in the universe that requires such an entity to exist in order to provide a coherent explanation. As for the tired old, “well, where did everything come from if not from my god/goblin/ghoul?” we can simply note that even a small child will realize this is a meaningless regression because the next question must inevitably be: “well, where did your god/goblin/ghoul come from?” If the religionist answers “my god was always there” we can cut out the unnecessary step and say, “the universe was always there” (or today, given the enthusiasm for eternal inflation, we can be more precise and say “the multiverse was always there.”).

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