Thanks Lenka. I guess I don’t really understand the concept of craving if it’s something you feel when you’re already full. I only want food when I’m hungry, so perhaps my grelin etc. system is somewhat different from yours. As for pushing oneself, personally I find its less a matter of absolute distance and more a matter of near-maximum performance for some suitable period of time (for example, I like to run 5k to 10k at a regular pace of around 11kph because I’m old now, and then turn around and return over the same distance in a series of 95% effort sprints, each lasting around 120 seconds with a return to the 11kph pace for 120 seconds, then repeat until back home). This pushes my heart rate and VO2 max in a way my “distance pace” could never accomplish alone. But as you’re much younger than me, you may find different things work for you.

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