Thanks Loren for a very important article. I think most people fail to understand the degree to which doctors act out of unthinking tradition. While some claim that circumcision has benefits, the reality is that there are no benefits to automatic circumcision of tiny babies. Europe and the Slavic nations don't practice this and we see no greater incidence of urinary tract infections or anything else. The hard fact is that doctors are trained to do whatever they're taught by older doctors who likewise were trained to do whatever they were taught by older doctors, and so on ad infinitum. The list of appalling malpractice by physicians is endless, as is the harm imposed on people who imagine they are being "helped." US doctors are among the worst offenders, having imposed flat-on-your-back birthing for mothers (the only position that's worse is standing on one's head), inducing of labor resulting in a 30% C-section rate (the natural rate is well under 1%), handing out Prozac and Valium and Ritalin like candy, handing out antibiotics for viral infections, thus ensuring drug resistant bacteria evolved rapidly; and today the creation of the opioid crisis by similar over-prescription. And regarding SARS-COV-2 the evidence is clear: doctors killed around 70% of the patients they put into induced coma in order to intubate them. Now that the practice has largely stopped in Europe, covid-19 death rates have collapsed even as infection rates have remained constant.

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