The article unfortunately repeats a trope beloved of journalists, namely that phenomenon like Trump and Brexit are the result of “resentment against the elites.” In fact, as anyone actually talking to Trump & Brexit supporters knew ages ago, it isn’t the elites they are against. They are against foreigners, immigrants, clever people, people who aren’t obese and sexually inadequate, people who have decent jobs and people who seem to be happy. Because Trump supporters, Brexit supporters, AfD supporters, Le Pen supporters, and all the other folk who support the pathetic nonsense of nationalism and racism feel themselves to be at the bottom of the heap. Even Trump feels that way, because despite all his apparent success in conning people for the last 7 decades, deep down he knows he’s an inadequate sniveling failure, a shell of a man whose wife can’t even tolerate his touch. That’s why he’s always whining, always obsequious and sycophantic to those he imagines are “strong” men (Putin, Duterte), and always pouting. Those who support him are in their own ways just as deeply inadequate. Fox et al merely legitimizes their sense of failure and turns it into rage. No civilized society can afford to tolerate the likes of Fox, Breibart, etc. but unfortunately it’s all about ad revenues these days, and Fox has done a great job of capturing nearly every US citizen with an IQ on the wrong side of the bell curve so their ad revenue position is strong. But it’s never been about “resenting the elite.” Hell, most of these people would love to become part of the elite (whatever that undefined and actually meaningless term may mean), if only they knew how.

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