The assumption at the heart of the article appears to be the notion that Trump is somehow an aberration. In fact he’s quite typical of the breed of populist rabble-rousers who have gained and are continuing to gain power around the globe.

Populists succeed because a significant percentage of the population of any country isn’t very bright; such people crave simple answers to complex issues that will always be beyond their grasp. Populist demagogues provide simple answers, always with a heavy element of blaming others, and so they get elected.

The GoP has been assiduously wooing low-IQ blocs since the Nixon campaign of 1968 and has more or less established a rock-solid core of people who can be relied upon to vote Republican regardless of the nominal policies, character, or incompetence of any given candidate.

Trump is therefore merely a symptom and it’s also clear that he is by no means the end of the line when it comes to this particular progression. There is someone out there who’s seen how easy it is to manipulate the simple-minded; this person is more intelligent than Trump (which, let’s face it, is ridiculously easy) and more self-controlled (ditto). This is the person who will truly change the USA into a de facto tyranny. We’re not far off that day. Trump merely showed the world how absurdly easy it can be.

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