The beauty of representative democracy is that it enables creatures such as Trump and his craven enablers in the Republican Party to gain total power without having to go to the nuisance of organizing an armed coup (just as well, given their abject incompetence). Trump is merely a symptom of a system hopelessly unfit for purpose. As Plato noted 2,500 years ago, democracies always end in tyranny because so many people are so easily duped by any demagogue ready to tell them simple-minded lies their tiny brains can (almost) grasp. The real question is not whether the USA will become a fascist dictatorship, but rather: decades from now, after all the inevitable horrors have transpired, will there be enough clever people and the necessary circumstances to enable a more suitable form of governance to emerge? We must hope the answer is yes. For the immediate future, however, darkness is falling.

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