The deeper problem is that most people are simply eager to believe whatever they're told because it spares them the effort of looking at the data themselves and performing the requisite critique. Way back in 2006 both Nature and Science lamented the fact that at least 50% of all published scientific articles in reputable journals turn out to be garbage because of rudimentary errors in experimental design, statistical analysis, data cleansing, etc. So we should always look for at least the basics when a claim is made; alas belief is just so much easier than doing the necessary work, and sensational headlines ("Scientist cures cancer!") so much more eyeball grabbing than dull reality. Furthermore, as most people lack the knowledge necessary to critically assess scientific papers, it's not surprising so many are so easily misled. Were this not the case, few would give much credence to any claim made by a doctor, as doctors are not educated in the discipline of engineering properly designed studies, interpreting data, or any of the other skills required in scientific research. This is why so many publish junk books about diet, for example. Finally, the idea that Politically Correct nonsense has any place in a discussion about real-world facts is a pure category error that only intellectually challenged folk would make.

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