The idea of suing the Chinese government is something that could only arise in the bleakest farce or, conversely, in everyday USA. It’s a terrible indictment of US culture that such an idea would not only arise but prove irresistibly popular. It’s a shame live streaming wasn’t available back in the 1920s; we could have enjoyed watching attorneys ardently preparing actions against the owners of the Titanic as it slipped into the gelid ocean.

The USA is a nation in which the concept of personal responsibility is entirely absent. That’s why 86% of the population is fat and an even larger percentage indolent (both intellectually and physically). Yet the national response has merely been to enrich third-party insurance companies and attorneys whose business comprises ambulance-chasing, thus further raising the costs of health care. Instead of taking personal responsibility for their illnesses, US citizens are encouraged to blame someone or something else and then sue for fiscal recompense. As if a few thousand dollars matters when one has eaten oneself into ill-health.

If people really cared about their wellbeing they wouldn’t sit idly on the sofa stuffing McSlop into their mouths. They would make more adequate lifestyle choices. It’s no good complaining about viruses etc. when one has abdicated personal responsibility for one’s health. US citizens ought to be suing themselves for gross personal negligence, not enabling cynical and amoral attorneys to make a living off the back of spurious lawsuits.

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