The only fact that counts, as the USA declines into greater and greater absurdity, is that 42,984,828 people were simple-minded enough to think an infantile orange moron should be President and that today the vast majority of those people remain of the same opinion. No Republican who wants to cling on to the trappings of pseudo-power is going to do anything that could have any practical impact on Trump because that would cause the dull-eyed drooling howling mob to turn their wrath upon such a foolish politician. The USA’s problem isn’t Trump; it’s the nearly-43 million who will support him regardless of anything he does. After all, they’ve already supported concentration camps, foreign policy disasters, his endless failures with health care legislation and getting Mexico to pay for his illusory wall. What’s a little blatant corruption compared to everything they’ve already swallowed without any difficulty?

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